ICANN’s New TLD Program

ICANN is the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers, and it oversees the world’s domain name system. In its wisdom, it decided yesterday that the 22 generic top level domain (gTLD) names we have at the moment — things like .com, .org and .net — aren’t enough. More are needed.
New rules allow companies pay to replace a “.com” with another “.suffix,” allowing for more creative web addresses.

“ICANN has opened the Internet’s addressing system to the limitless possibilities of the human imagination. No one can predict where this historic decision will take us,” said ICANN boss Rod Beckstrom.

They will start taking applications from potential new TLD operators on January 12, 2012 with that opening application round to close April 12, 2012. However, they don’t expect any of the new extensions to go live before November 2013 – almost a year and a half from now.