Your questions.. Sri Sri answers..

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Q. How to increase intelligence and how to be more creative?.

Sri Sri: To increase intelligence, you need to observe some silence. Silence is the mother of all invention. Silence is the basis of intelligence. Take few moments, hours, days of silence. I wouldn’t recommend silence for more than a few days. People go into silence for months – it is useless. They shouldn’t do too much. Time to time silence will increase all our ability. Our senses will become sharp, mind becomes more alert. You become more intelligent, you are aware about what you are speaking, your intuition becomes so much better.

Q: How to deal with anger?

Sri Sri: Anger is ok. I have a technique for you. Whenever you get angry, sing. If you get angry on your husband/wife, scold them by singing. Opera singing is even better. See if you can do it. (He sings a couple of lines… “You stupid, what did you do to me” and everyone breaks into laughter) If possible take a guitar and sing with it. It must be very interesting. Some people will become musician like this. Anger comes when you go out of certain rhythm. And, music is bringing that rhythm back. Antidote for anger is music, exercise, karate, martial arts…. You know martial arts have to be done without anger. In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjun, “Arjun, fight but not with anger or hatred.” Now, anger does not take permission before coming. Don’t regret anger. It’s ok to be angry with children. If you don’t get angry at them, they become so weak in the world. They cannot take criticism. They become weak. You should know the limitation though. You know how much salt should be put in the food. How cold or warm, your finger will tell you. As parents, don’t feel guilty for scolding your children. Thinking that way you become stressed and are preparing yourself to get more upset or angry.