Google keep on making things easier in order to manage all such stuff by introducing its new tools and applications in market. So for writers below some top picks for the most useful Google apps are mentioned.

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Home Office and Organization

Calendar: You can use this web-based calendar for document sharing and collaboration
Notebook: Use new Google Notebook far taking down ideas and get rid from all other sticky notes.

Docs: Online word processor which you can access any time and you can share changes in real time

Pack: Google Pack is providing free services like Picasa uploader, Notifier for the Mac, Desktop, Google Earth and more.

Useful for SEO, Market Analysis

Trends: Use trend and compare search terms and figure out what people are looking for online. After that, you can customize your site according to those trends..

Alerts: You cab set Google Alerts for yourself in order to keep tabs on who is publishing you and similarly who is reviewing you.

Google Global Market Finder.
It basically helps you discover keywords and translate those keywords into other international markets.

Maps: You can use maps in order to get directions to your next meeting or look up a vendor’s location.

Product Search: Using this product search you can shop for home office supplies and much more.

Tools for your Website or Blog

Feedburner: Make money by using FeedBurner Ad Network. It will help you to market your content, analyze your blog’s traffic and audience.

OpenSocial: If you want to create developer-friendly social applications for your websites you can use Open Social apps.

Sites: Create your own website for your own organization by using sites.

Blog Search: Use this tool and narrow your search to find material from blogs.

Use Google apps to increase your business and develop your own brand.

AdWords: AdWords is an online advertising tool made for your blog.

Google Grants: If you qualify for this system of in-kind advertising or if you are doing little writing for a non profit on the side then use Google Grants.

Knol: Share and build up authoritative posts and reviews at Knol, it is a way to market yourself.

Base: Use Base to submit content or services. It works on the slogan “make them as easy as possible for people to find when they search.”


Language Tools: With this application you can translate text from primary sources. Language tools also play an important role in order to expand your customer and vendor base.

Talk: Now get connected around all over the world.Google Talk supports IM and VoIP so you can connect with contacts all over the world very easily.

Friend Connect: This app allows you to implement social tools inside your website.This encourage visitors to comment and hence become more engaged.

Special Searches :
Special Searches: Use special searches in order to save your time on research and find only what actually you want.

Book Search: Now there is no need to do your research in a library. Book Search enables you to find quotations, inspiration and much more in fiction and non-fiction books.
News Archive Search
Google News Archive Search display results in a time line. Hence by using this application you can better organize your research results.
Directory organizes pages into different categories, that would be great for your initial search.