In this era of Digitalization, everything is accessible online; businesses are at clicks reach from any part of the world. Businesses prefer to be paperless, but the very Importance of Business cards remain intact. Although every business has website and LinkedIn account, why would anyone require Business Card.? Many reasons, as it turns out.

Easily accessible

The most relevant aspect being accessibility, people tend to forget easily and are difficult to remember all names and businesses. Business cards are representative of the business, giving a brief about the name, nature, address, website, contact info. Anyone seeking your business, a card is the simplest form to get the info and reach your business at any time from any location.

Design reflects Business

Business card is a combination of form and function. They are an extension of your Brand. The design of your business card allows you to give the people you meet an immediate visual representation of you and your company – your logo, your job title, the company aesthetic. This factor is good motivation to make sure your card is well-designed.


They also lend a sense of legitimacy to your company, even if you don’t need it. No matter how established your business may be already, most networkers will expect you to have a card. Some people will be happy plugging your name and company info in their phone, but for the more traditionally business-minded among us, handing over a card is a much more streamlined transaction. Even if you’d prefer that your new acquaintance email you, it looks more professional to have a card with your email address. Likewise, if you need someone else’s information, wouldn’t you prefer to be handed a card and not have to fumble around with a pen or phone?

So the next time you think of dumping the idea of designing your Business Card, Think again!!