The two-year old company was dubbed TechCrunch’s Best New Startup of 2011.

Pinterest was the fastest growing independent site to hit 10 million monthly unique visits in the U.S., while a new report claims it drives more referral traffic to online retailers than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined.. Pinterest — the Next Big Thing in social media.

If you haven’t heard about the social media site from a friend, colleague or family member, here’s a basic overview of what you need to know about using Pinterest

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is basically an online bulletin board of your favorite images and videos. It’s social bookmarking with a more visual element, allowing you to organize images — whether that be food, travel, home decor, design, wedding inspiration, the possibilities are really endless — into “pinboards” that you create and categorize. When you “pin” something new, your followers see it. They can then like, comment or re-pin it to their own boards…which means anything you pin has the potential to go viral…

How does Pinterest work?
The genius of the UI is that when you hit the “Pin It” button, it pulls out all the images on the page you’re visiting, allowing you to select just the right one. Using individual photos instead of the whole URLs means that Pinterest’s boards end up slick and aesthetically appealing. Below, you will find a typical board,On Pinterest, anyone can “repin” one of my photos to one of their own boards. This is similar to the Tumblr reblog or Twitter retweet both in that it makes content virally contagious AND that it serves as a system-wide metric for what’s hot. The most repinned things go to the site-wide Pinterest topic pages, which drives a lot of traffic to the original pinners of those photos.

Who uses Pinterest?
This may be the most interesting thing about Pinterest. Though hard data is difficult to find, it appears to be dominated by younger women. My strolls through the site’s content have found the ratio to be at least 5:1, which Google Ad Planner data seems to support. In particular, Pinterest appears to be especially strong among women 18-34 living in households with incomes between $25,000 and $75,000 per year. This makes Pinterest a reverse image of the coastal, male-dominated social networks like Reddit.

How to Get a Pinterest Invite ?
Pinterest is currently invite-only. You can request an invite at Pinterest’s web site. OR who are on Pinterest and would be more than happy to hook you up.

How does Pinterest make money?
Here’s another interesting aspect of Pinterest’s game. Unlike other social networks, which waited years to monetize through advertising, Pinterest has taken a different route. They’re monetizing already by taking a cut on sales that pins on their site help generate. They partnered with a firm called SkimLinks, which automatically scans through every link posted on the site to see if it goes to a retail site with an affiliate program. If it finds that kind of link, it secretly adds an affiliate code that ensures Pinterest will make some cash from sales that derive from that link. It’s a clever game, particularly given the site’s users’ retail focus, but Pinterest probably should have disclosed the practice more openly.

How to pinterest from iphone? Click here …
There’s also a Pinterest App available for iPhones.

Good luck and Enjoy with Pinterest…