Many ASP.NET applications can run on Linux using technology provided by The Mono Project, an open-source development effort sponsored by Novell. The ability to run ASP.NET on Linux is important to Windows developers since low-cost hosting providers will see Mono as an inexpensive way to provide ASP.NET hosting to their customers. Since Mono also runs on Windows you do not need Linux to test your application for crossplatform compatability.

if you want to use Mono to test your applications for compatibility but have little interest in establishing a Linux test environment then you’re in luck.  Mono provides a simple Windows executable that will install and configure your system for Mono development.  In fact, it’s important to note that Mono has no dependencies on .NET applications or class libraries so you don’t need to have .NET installed on Windows to develop .NET applications with Mono.Â
To download the latest Mono installer head on over to and grab the latest version.Â
Users who want the best of both worlds—that is, the ability to deploy ASP.NET applications in a low-cost environment—will inevitably be drawn to the powerful combination of Linux and Mono to provide this capability.