Importance of Business Cards for Startups

In this era of Digitalization, everything is accessible online; businesses are at clicks reach from any part of the world. Businesses prefer to be paperless, but the very Importance of Business cards remain intact. Although every business has website and LinkedIn account, why would anyone require Business Card.? Many reasons, as it turns out. Easily accessible The most relevant aspect...

Branding the Stepping Stone for Startups

Every startup – small or big is the biggest Dream of an entrepreneur, to transform it into reality, he leaves no stone upturned. Countless hours, energy, money go into the venture, fueled by an electric mix of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and fear. For startups, it’s important to “go live” and start generating revenue before running out of seed capital. ...

Travel Customer Journey – The Mobileway

With travel planning shifting to mobile, consumers expect to find relevant information faster than ever before. Today, having a fast, easy-to-use mobile experience is critical. And the marketers who provide the best travel websites and apps are more likely to drive bookings and create long-term value. What Google has called The Travel Customer Journey has been experiencing disruption with...

CHATBOT The Intelligent Digital Marketing Trend 2017

The digital marketing and advertising landscape is an ever-changing world, where the technology, design, creativity and functionality are very dynamic. Past year witnessed a variety of evolutions in the digital marketing landscape like Snapchat and digital videos seen establishing new trends. Lets see what’s the latest trend in 2017 . Chatbots are the latest upcoming trend of 2017 at rocket speed....

What is Responsive Website ?

What is Responsive Website ? For Responsive Website Designing : Contact Abhijeet Surana

App Store Optimization: Tips for Higher Rankings

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the first step to succeed in mobile app marketing. ASO helps your app to be found within the app stores and generate extra downloads or sales. ASO is considered the mobile SEO for applications. On-Page Relevance Factors Based on a study of more than 200 app searches, it would appear that the following on-page factors are...

Why Business needs a Mobile Marketing plan

Since the past year, market researchers have observed a big boom in the purchase of smart phones. Over a couple of years most consumers are predicted to switch to smart phones which are set to replace the usage of ordinary mobile cell phones. The infographic presented below seeks to answer every mobile marketers pending questions...

How to Solve the Online Registration Challenge ?

How often have you become frustrated filling out online registration forms? There is a better way. Following infographics has compiled data on some of the most challenging aspects of online registration forms and simple solutions to improve the user experience…and conversion rates.

What People Really Think About Cloud Computing ?

“What is the cloud?” I hear that question a lot when speaking to my non-nerd friends. I try to explain it the best I can. The cloud is used almost daily by all of us.

t20 world cup 2012 schedule

T20 World cup schedule :