Google Labs has always churned out pretty interested experimental features like Transliteration, Indic Music Search, WalkyTalky, Google Scribe and so on. Google has released a new Body Browser experiment that shows a detailed 3D model of the human body in Google Chrome web browser beta. Users can view through the anatomical layers of human body, zoom in and navigate to explore the human body parts. The new Google Body Browser is pretty commendable for use in a medical education environment.
The hi-tech 3D application, called ‘Google Body Browser’, has been hailed as a breakthrough in the study of anatomy that could revolutionise people’s understanding of the human body and fast-track medical research

The new browser also ushers in the introduction of brand new Internet technology called WebGL, that will allow complex 3D graphics to be used on normal web pages, without the need for specially adapted browser plug-ins like Flash or Java.

Body Browser might be supported in latest beta/final versions Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers in the near future.