Friendz.. everyone, everywhere, all the time is Googling something… it’s Not just information…
We go to Google when we are in emotional situation or problems like.. how to impres girl ?, How to Love etc…. It’s the shoulder on which we, digitally, cry. Must it show us up constantly by knowing what we want before even we do?

Google’s new Instant, is an effort to help the human…
The new offering does not require the user to type the complete term or even press ‘search’. Besides this, seeing results as you type helps you formulate a better search term by providing instant feedback, Google said.
Just as the user starts typing the first letter, suggestions appear in grey text directly in the search box.
So ultimately what changes in the way you search is that the moment you start typing, results will appear. This means that you had to type a full search term, hit search, and hope for the right results.

google Instant
google Instant

Google Instant blacklists

Google’s “Instant” search engine includes a blacklist for words and phrases
Google Instant serves up search results in “real-time” as you type. If you type “A,” for instance, it gives you results for “Amazon, Aol, Apple…” If you type “India” and then a space, it gives you results for “India News.”.. But if you type “fuck” results will arrive as usual… Google handled the blacklisted keyword very smartly in “Google Instant” & commented as “We care a lot about child safety and these kinds of issues, so we had to think a lot about auto-complete and how that works as you’re getting the results,” said Google product manager Johanna Wright.