Google, Bing & Yahoo’s New Creates New Standards for Web Content Markup

Bing, Google and Yahoo have teamed up to create, a collection of schemas (HTML tags) that webmasters can use to markup their websites, allowing search engines to better understand and present information in search results. The collection of over 100 schemas for content such as restaurants, movies, recipes and music creates a set of new web markup standards that could change the way people design websites and do search will allow publishers to give us hints about what things they are describing on their sites.

Here’s how I understand such work:
Technical standards like standardized markup for content types allows search engines and other sites to skip spending time and work figuring out what kind of content is on a page and move directly to the stage of doing something interesting with that content.

It’s not easy for a Web service to know that a page is about food, or wine or a movie – but if all pages that are communicate that in a standard fashion, then 3rd parties like search engines can proceed directly to building beautiful food, wine and movie search results pages or other services that present the content in a more compelling fashion. That could make searching more pleasurable and useful and ultimately drives more traffic to the most useful and best formatted sites in the search results.

Google, Bing, Yahoo Start for Content Markup