Let’s go through a quick list of the best gadgets for 2011 and their features.
As the decade went on we came across new technologies and gadgets we were clueless about. Even today, we don’t have much idea about what technological surprises the next decade has in its store for us.

The following is a list of gadgets to be available in the market in 2011.

1) Lenovo IdeaPad U1
It attracts to those mobile professionals who are looking for great diversity in computing solution.  Lenovo IdeaPad U1 is a 1.6 inch Linux based PC, It can also become a fully functional 3.7lb notebook having multi-touch capabilities. E-mail and other web surfing facilities are also available.

2) 3DS by Nintendo
The Nintendo 3D comes with 2 outward lenses and 1 inwards lenses for taking pictures and it is compatible with 3D graphics sans glasses.

3) Apple iPhone 5
iPhone 5
contains 64GB memory with OLED screen. With GPS navigation feature you are able to synchronize with iTunes,  video chat on 3G, customize SMS alerts and tones with HD audio quality. It also include Pico projector which is used for presentation on a wall or flat surface.

4) 3D Vaio by Sony
3D Vaio is based on frame sequential technology for HD display via shutter glass. You can change between 3D and 2D with one touch button. 3D viao is going to be one of the best electronic gadgets of 2011

More Gadgets
includes :  Ultrasonic Touchless Input technology, BlackBerry PlayBook, Notion Ink Adam ,  Sony HDR-TD10, Apple iWatch,  Samsung LED 9000 Series, Palm Pre Plus, Xbox 720