Best Apps to store & Share Docs Online :

Some popular and best web-apps that can help you keep up with things you like online no matter where you are. May be you already using  some of them, but you can find some new ones that might be the perfect solution for you.

Store Notes Online & Share Online Docs:
There are many online Doc Share & Store tools, you can use to store your notes, sharing information and more. Here are some of the best ways to keep notes online about anything you discover online … or offline!

ZOHO DOCS unites Writer, Sheet and Show and supports most file types with 1 GB of free storage.

Google Docs offers a suite of Web-based productivity applications including documents, presentation, spreadsheet and form in a simple folder within a file organizational system. It allows for users to easily create, share and edit files in real time online, or upload an existing file into the system.

Office Web Apps “offers free online versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote.

CROCODOC, a convenient tool to collaborate on PDFs, Word and Powerpoint documents.

SYNC.IN : is a web based word processor for people to collaborate in real-time.

Entri: Free Collaborative Document Sharing Tool